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What we offer

Intensity Monitor

Real time monitoring of both energy and production, producing valuable charts, alerts, and reports focused on energy intensity (energy per unit of production). A more valuable approach to real time energy monitoring.

Energy Consulting and Auditing

Our energy consultants can save you money by examining your business and finding ways to save energy by process improvement, equipment retrofit, cogeneration, and cleaner fuels. We also work in tandem with utilities companies to help you get rebates for energy savings.

Web/Software Development

Existing business processes can be approved by bringing legacy Excel, Access, or paper-based processes and putting them on the web. The web fosters collaboration, workflow automation, and accessibility from any location or device.


We use recycled materials to product recyclable plastics packaging. Our staff works from home when possible, saving on fuel, heating, air conditioning, and lighting.

Food Packaging

A new line of business for Cantech, we are focusing on the design, production, and delivery of custom thermoformed packaging for the food industry.

Efficiency Focused

In all of our lines of business, we have a constant focus on efficiency. Efficient use of energy. Efficient use of time. Efficienct use of technology. And the use of our energy and software engineering to improve efficiency in all areas of business development.


Strength through Diversification

Over a decade of energy efficiency and production consulting experience taught us one thing. Our knowledge works in many industries. Cantech Industries is an environmentally friendly, energy efficient, customer focused company that uses decades of energy experience to save companies money.


Since 2010, our energy engineering and master black belt staff have successfully applied the energy system engineering approach and Lean-Six Sigma methodology to reduce the energy usage of complex manufacturing and transactional processes.

CanTech Industries was founded by Dr. Majid Ahmadi. He has over twenty-five years of experience in the energy field. He has extensive experience with Utility Energy Efficiency (EE), Demand-Side Management (DSM) and Distributed Generation (DG) programs. He has been involved in commercial & industrial energy efficiency incentive program and distributed generation design and implementation within GE Energy, Capstone Turbine Inc., Lockheed Martin Energy Services and Alternative Energy Systems Consulting (AESC) Inc.


2013 Cantech Energy turns into Cantech Industries, with Energy and Plastics being two subsidiaries.

2013 Cantech Plastics is formed, and with it comes a new office in Escondido, and state-of-the-art thermoforming equipment.

2012 Intensity Monitor is launched, and installed at our first customer - Roll Global

2011 Cantech Energy expands into Software Engineering targeted at utilities and utilities customers. The added skills provide the means to begin work on our own energy intensity monitoring tool - Intensity Monitor.

2010 Cantech Energy is founded by Dr. Majid Ahmadi


We are always open to new challenges and opportunities.

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